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85 €

New therapy that invites to release the physical and psychic tensions in a sea water at 33 ° C.

Breathe and let the water anxieties and worries for reconnection to the source of life and to yourself!
The top of aquatic relaxation coupled with the healing benefits of seawater.

1:00 including 40 minutes in the water:

An invitation to the aquatic journey where letting go is master! Lying on the surface of the water, just let yourself be guided by the practitioner, you are lulled to the rhythm of your breathing in a succession of fluid and gentle movements. Water and weightlessness will increase the sensations of physical and muscular relaxation.

Reconnection with life

The Janzu is a unique intuitive flow, a deep reconnection with yourself and with the element.


LE + Serge Blanco : 100% individuals treatments


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The Janzu helps you to :

• Let go
• Release the emotions that disturb you
• Replay with Life
• Soften your physical pain
• Soothe your mind
• Enchant your soul

Xavier Barry "Coach in personal development with the credo of making you discover peace and harmony through elements such as water, nature ...".

Access to the Hammam & Sauna area included.


  How does it work


Free and unlimited access to the marine spa (aquatic course, sauna, hammam) and to the fitness & fitness area.

Arrival posible every day.

Book directly on the site or with our hostesses on 05 59 51 36 98, in order to guarantee availability, book 20 days in advance and specify the references of your purchase.




• Wearing the bathing cap and tap dancing is mandatory in our pools.

• Swimming shorts are not allowed in the pools

• Possibility of purchase on site: Tap 4.00 € - Cap 2.50 € - Package 5.00 €




• Prices are subject to change without notice.

• Cancellations less than 24 hours will not be refunded.


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