The keys for a successfull thalasso


A thalassotherapy session is above all a chance for relaxation and getting in touch with nature. Harmony and well-being are waiting for you in thalasso.  It is also an excellent way to relieve stress and fully enjoy your thalassotherapy, but you should follow some tips before starting your cure.

I'm preparing for my thalassotherapy.


Some useful tips for successfull thalassotherapy

Identitify your needs

1. Identify your needs and know what do you expect of your cure  : Wellness, loose weight, regenerate an inner harmony... Each program requires specifics care.

2. Select a program that suits you required, comfort level with the best of thalasso accomodations : catering, sea view, apartment hotel, hotel linked to the Spa and room service are options that could influence your choice..

3. For the duration of your stay, be aware that to make the best of post thalassotherapy benefits and long-term therapeutic effect, it is recommended to have a thalasso session for a least six days, as a short term thalasso session will be relaxing and soothing.

4.  When booking, be sure to specify your accomodation, and if a companion or a pet will join you. During uour stay, a companion can be invited to share the room. Though pets are trictly forbidden within the spa center, some accomodations offer the option to keep your pet in the room for an extra fee.

5. For information on the activities near the thalassotherapy center, please contact the animator: you can take advantage of sporting or culturel oppotunities and offer offer activity options for your companion during your thalasso treatments. 


what you need to know before making your thalasso cure

Do not neglect the medical examination

To insure appropriate cares, and in order to etablish a personalized program

Prepare your body for thalasso care

To ensure the most comfortable treatments and to maximize the benefits of your thalassotherapy we recommend : Do not wax within the two days before the start of treatment to avoid allergic reactions, do not colour your hair within a week before your arrival as the colour may rub off during the various spa baths, avoid sunbathing before the spa wraps.  


How to make your suitcase

Do not carry valuables in thalasso.

1. Provide at least two swimsuits. Be carefull, some cares as marine mud, may stay, its better to avoid to taking his finest models.

2. A sports outfit and shoes to access the fitness area, for running, or walks… Physical activity is an integral part of the cure , like oxygénation and marine air.

3. Relaxed but correct outfits for the restaurant.

4. Thinf about it... swimming cap and clappers  madatory in our pools (also avaible at the marine spa reception).

5.  Moisturizing cream for the face and for the body.

6. 1 sunscreen and sunglasses depending of the season.

7. 1 small kit to store your personal belongings such glasses, phone, key during the care.

 Provide comfortable outfits to feel free to move.


And also for your moments of relaxation

1. Books 

2. Magazines, crosswords, pencil

3. Earphones etc…




1. At your arrival, you receive a schedule with the details of your cure : cares, time, place… Be on time and keep it for the duration of your stay.


2. Turn off your phone or laptop. A thalassotherapy has for first  vocation to relax you, far for the daily stress. Your phone cut, you will enjoy the best of the soothing envornment.

3. A time out is always provide between care to recover. Take the opportunity to relax between two. And do not forget to drink water or herbal tea to hydrate yourself pour and help your body  eliminate.

4. You can feel  very tired in the third day of your thalassotherapy program. This is normal : the body adapts, the organism solicited by the cares eliminate the toxins, the loose mind. The energy come back quickly !



Know it


The benefits of your cure will be stay for 6 months after your treatment. If you can, make a cure twice a year. Enjoy the automn to recharge your batteries : you will be better in winter, and resit colds and viral attacks.