Beauty & soul harmony

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Beauty & soul harmony




To put the finger on the problem and to bring out the possible "blockages" source of "malaise" in order to relieve the tense muscles, to stimulate the blood circulation and to unblock the energy flows.

Empathetic listening by a dedicated coach and an ultra-personalised treatment protocol for immediate and lasting results.


LES + Relais Thalasso : 

100% individuals treatments
Specific care provided by a dedicated "Psycho-corporal Practitioner" / A daily report for evolving animals that adapt and nuance in   
  respect of the individuality of each / Personalized protocols of accompaniment of spa therapist in energy therapy, painless and stress-
  free with the laser acupuncture apparatus.
Free access to  the marine spa and the fitness area


  on the program


3 Revitalizing treatments :


• 1 application of therapeutic marine mud
• 1 seaweed wrap
• 1
infratherapy for detoxification 


2 Relaxing treatments :

• 2 relaxing massages


5 Specifics treatments :

• 1 laser acupuncture session
• 1 massage "History of Belly" Chi Nei Tsang
• 1 vertebral reflexology
• 1 access bar consciousness
• 1 Tok Sen massage


Expert appointments :

• A precise entry assessment performed by a Psycho-Corporal Practitioner who uses an Organometer to "scan the body" to discern
  energetic blockages
• 1 exit report with a Psycho-corporal Practitioner


  How does it work


Free and unlimited access to the marine spa (aquatic course, sauna, hammam) and to the fitness & fitness area.

Arrival on Sunday evening only

Book directly on the site or with our hostesses on 05 59 51 35 02, in order to guarantee availability, book 20 days in advance and specify the references of your purchase.


  think it


• Wearing the bathing cap and tap dancing is mandatory in our pools.

• Swimming shorts are not allowed in the pools

• Possibility of purchase on site: Tap 4.00 € - Cap 2.50 € - Package 5.00 €




• Prices are subject to change without notice.

• Cancellations less than 24 hours will not be refunded.


Click here to see the treatment glossary.

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